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It was with great excitement that I pressed play on Drew Goddard’s 2011 horror flick THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. With rave reviews aplenty, I was sure to be in for a treat – wasn’t I? Well, actually, no. If you like your horror films not horrifying, your scary movies with no scares, and your thrillers with no tension, than I guess it’s worth a watch. Whilst not entirely bad, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS certainly isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

It all started so promisingly; 5 kids head out to a secluded cabin in the woods, they ignore the obligatory warning from the hillbilly, redneck at the gas station – this is your standard stalk and slash formula, now chuck in a little bit of originality and we’re going on the ride of our lives! Hang on, I said ‘a little bit’ - I’m not about to

The Calicoon director, Deborah Louise Robinson in fear experiment

In 2009 Deborah Louise Robinson, the director of Starjack Entertainment’s upcoming horror film THE CALICOON was one of the first five people in the county to undergo an experiment to measure the effects of fear. Under close medical supervision by Dr Dare and the Thrill Laboratory team, Deborah was strapped to a specially designed

Stag Night of the Dead (2010) - Film Review

Neil Jones’ STAG NIGHT OF THE DEAD is due for release on DVD next week. Any Comedy- zombie film that is ever made is doomed to be compared to SHAUN OF THE DEAD. So I’ll get that question out of the way straight off the bat; is STAG NIGHT OF THE DEAD as good as SHAUN OF THE DEAD? No, it isn’t.

Right, now onto the film in question – working on a much smaller budget than Shaun of the Dead, it seems unfair to compare the two. As a stand-alone offering, Stag Night of the Dead is an original idea, competently made and adequately acted. It isn’t side-splittingly funny, nor is it jaw-droppingly scary, but it is a mildly entertaining offering that kept my finger from hitting the eject button.

Madder Than a Full Moon Dog ~ Backstage and Centre Stage at Full Moon Dog 2012 - DVD 2013

Calling all Rockers!!! Ever fancied being in the movies? Well here’s your chance to do just that – and enjoy a kick-ass gig in the process! Plans for next year’s annual FULL MOON DOG FESTIVAL are well underway and more exciting than ever. Not only is there an awesome line-up of rock music, but producers Starjack Entertainment will be filming a DVD entitled MADDER THAN A FULL MOON DOG, which will be capturing all the madness and mayhem, both on-stage and off, including band and crowd interviews. Tickets are limited and will sell out fast, so using the details below, why not head off to their website and ensure your chance of a place in history.

· The Date: Saturday 13th October 2012

· The Venue: The Cockpit, Leeds, UK

Mayhem Horror Film Festival - Festival News

Dare you attend a long weekend of madness and mayhem? You could do a lot worse than get yourself to this year’s frightfully expanded, 5-day Horror film festival in Nottingham. The MAYHEM Horror film festival is running from Thursday 27th October until Halloween. It promises to be a blast; screenings, exclusive events and a live experiment from a haunted location will ensure that this year will be better than ever! Full details of this extraordinary event can be found at http://www.mayhemhorrorfest.co.uk/


Ryan Charles’ 2011 film ALL GOD’S CREATURES, is like a breath of fresh air. Many independent films offer us bungling performances, clumsy screenplays, and unaccomplished cinematography, ALL GOD’S CREATURES however brings us so much more; a gripping story, accomplished acting, talented production, and an end result that’s a far cry from the many shameful independent films I have seen of late. Definitely one to look out for, ALL GOD’S CREATURES is a thought-provoking glimpse into the dark side of human nature.

A simple but intriguing tale of how love can find a way in even the most difficult of circumstances: All God’s Creatures is the story of brutal serial killer Jon Smith (Josh Folan), and his relationship with troubled prostitute Delia (Jessica Kaye). Both unaware of the


To be released next month, with a strange concoction of fantasy, horror, and western; Drew Cunningham’s 2009 film UMBRAGE features a charismatic Irish cowboy vampire, a dysfunctional family, and a couple of backpackers who stray from the road (a definite nod to American Werewolf). I had no reason to believe that this low budget flick with its strange mixture of ingredients would hold my attention for 90 minutes. UMBRAGE is an intriguing and ambitious offering which although far from perfect, had me captured, and compelled me to watch.

Crammed with the atmosphere and style usually reserved for more high budget movies; Umbrage flits from the old west to modern day England with a reasonable amount of finesse. When antiques dealer