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Ghost Story (1974) - Review

Stephen Weeks’ 1974 film GHOST STORY (also known as Madhouse Mansion) will be released on DVD on the 9th November. So is this largely undiscovered film a real hidden gem? I hoped this would be an old-fashioned, spine-chilling haunted house film, that had somehow managed to escape me all these years, the reality was that it was I who’d had the narrow escape and I should have just kept running!

It’s 1930’s England, and three old college friends: Duller (Vivian Mackerell), Talbot (Larry Dann), and Mc Faydon (Murray Melvin) reunite at an old mansion. Mc Faydon is considering living there and wants his friends to help him ascertain whether or not it is haunted.

Broken (2006) - Film Review

Wholly unpleasant, utterly uncomfortable, gratuitously nasty, and beautifully crafted. Simon Boyes’ and Adam Mason’s 2006 horror flick BROKEN is everything a hard core horror fan could want, and a whole lot more besides.

With a brutal opening scene which sets the tone for the rest of the film, Broken grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go. I’m not gonna reveal too much of the plot. Basically we have a horrifying tale of kidnap and torture and although you may think that you have seen it all before, this film is refreshingly different.

Reel Zombies (2008) - Film Review

My recent horror festival experience would not be complete without at least one Zombie film - and REEL ZOMBIES is a Zombie film with a difference. It’s a mockumentary, and is funny from beginning to end. Whilst I felt this would have been more suited to a short, I did enjoy it, and some parts had me chuckling for a good while afterwards.

Most of the cast of the film are played by themselves, and the chemistry between them is apparent from the outset. Mike, Dave, Steve and Sam are filmmakers who are working on the production of their third Zombie film. The twist here is that there is a real Zombie invasion going on, so the guys take the opportunity to inject some much needed realism into the new film. On a low budget

100 Feet (2008) - Film Review

After my recent review of PANIC ROOM, it is pure coincidence that finds me reviewing 100 FEET, another single location film with a small cast. I had no expectations of Eric Red’s 2008 horror so was unlikely to be disappointed. It went straight to DVD in the U.K and was almost missed by my radar altogether. In the end I was suitably impressed; I found it to be a moody, creepy creation kept alive by proficient directing and a believable main character performance.

Marnie Watson (Femke Janssen) has served 752 days of her sentence for the manslaughter of her NYPD husband and is released early to serve the remainder of her sentence (a year) at home.


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Kirksdale (2007) - Film Review

Another real gem I found at The Bram Stoker International Film Festival was American short KIRKSDALE. With classy direction, an interesting story, and a few real cringe inducing moments, my guess is that writer/director Ryan Spindell is going places.

The film is based in 1960’s rural Florida, and centres on a troubled teenage girl who is picked up by a corrupt policeman and driven to back the local lunatic asylum she escaped from - and what else would you expect to find there but a lunatic? This one’s running loose, which does not say much for the security of the facility! It isn’t long before the poor girl finds herself in one hell of a predicament, and if I told you anything about it here I would spoil a truly brilliant and excruciatingly horrifying scene. There’s

Panic Room (2002) - Film Review

It’s been seven years since I first watched PANIC ROOM and I remember loving it the first time round. Question was, would it still play as well after seven years on my DVD shelf, or would it seem stale and tired? Would it pale against the more modern and technically advanced films I have seen since? Absolutely not!! This film is a masterpiece of arse-clenching tension. David Fincher is a film-making virtuoso and nothing proves this better than PANIC ROOM.

The story, in a nutshell: Recently divorced Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her 12 year old Daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart) move into an impressive 4-story house on West 94th Street in Manhattan. On their first night in the house, Meg, who has consumed a little too much red wine is having a restless night. She discovers that the house has been invaded by 3 intruders, wakes her daughter

Family Demons (2009) - Film Review

Ursula Dabrowsky’s debut film FAMILY DEMONS is yet to be released but I was lucky enough to catch it at The Bram Stoker International Film Festival. A dark portrayal of dysfunctional family life, this film may not be the best horror of the year, but it is a fair effort and definitely a commendable first attempt.

With only four real characters Family Demons’ opening scene shows us Billie - she’s in the kitchen surrounded by blood, she disposes of a

Death in Charge (2009) - Film Review

Devi Snively’s new comedy/horror DEATH IN CHARGE is actually kinda cute! Written ten years ago after the Columbine High School Shootings, it explores the dark side that is present in all of us, even children - but does so in a light-hearted and heart-warming way.

After a freak accident babysitter Debbie is killed, and a case of mistaken identity leads to Death being left alone for the evening, babysitting precocious nine year old Whitney. During the fifteen

Dying Breed (2008) - Film Review

I love the tagline on the poster for DYING BREED: ‘Every Body has different tastes’, in fact the poster for this film haunted me the whole four days of the Bram Stoker International Film Festival where I saw this recently – not because it was frightening, or sickening – I’m ashamed to say it was the pastry that drew me in. Man, that pastry looks so delicious that it had me craving pies the whole damn time!

Anyway, I digress. I was lucky enough to meet the co writer and producer of Dying Breed Rod Morris who’d come all the way from Australia to be there, and he spoke about how he’d very much wanted to create a quintessential Aussie horror, and with Dying Breed he has succeeded.

The Bram Stoker International Film Festival - Review

The wanderer returns! Did you miss me? Let me tell you guys, I’ve had a great time, the first Bram Stoker International Film Festival did not disappoint. There was a great line-up of films, perfectly varied to suit all tastes, fantastic special guests, an entertaining opening party, and the venue was perfect.

Let’s start with my first impressions. I was warmly welcomed by festival director Mike McCarthy (pictured with me below), who

Heads up! Celluloid Screams - Festival News

Heads up guys! A new festival has only just appeared on my radar and it’s less than two weeks away! CELLULOID SCREAMS takes place at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield from 23 -25 October.

There’s a great line-up confirmed which includes a couple of U.K. premieres: YOROI – SAMURAI ZOMBIE (Japan) and NEIGHBOR (U.S.A.). There’s a special screening of ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS with special guest and star of the film, Ian McCulloch.

Zombieland (2009) - Film Review

Man, had I been looking forward to Zombieland?! It’s had rave reviews, fantastic trailers, and of course, it’s a Zombie film, and as regular readers will know, I love Zombie films. The only problem when a film is so well-hyped is that it is difficult for it to live up to that hype. It was almost impossible for Zombieland to live up to my ridiculously high expectations, but all things considered, the film is great fun even though it isn’t the perfection I’d craved.

The story centres around four main characters, Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) a Zombie hating, twinkie loving maniac, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), a phobic, awkward, lonely, computer geek, Witchita (Emma Stone), a determined, rebellious tough girl, and her younger sister Little Rock (Abagail Breslin) a mature, streetwise kid who just wants to go to Pacific Playground and enjoy a little of what’s left of her childhood.

Carrie (1976) - Film Review

In my effort to make STALK ‘N’ SLASH the biggest horror site on the net, I am finding myself revisiting older films in order to create an impressive archive of retrospective reviews. Well, no self respecting horror site would be complete without the inclusion of Brian De Palma’s 1976 film CARRIE, which was adapted from the novel of the same name written by Stephen King. This film has such depth to it for a horror film, and is orchestrated and acted so well that, without it my site could never be complete.

From the outset it is clear that poor Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) is no ordinary teenager. She is bullied on the sports field before joining her classmates for a shower. Unlike the quick rushed showers we

Countess Dracula (1971) - Film Review

Hammer Horror’s COUNTESS DRACULA is based on Countess Elizabeth (Erzsebet) Bathory, the most prolific serial killer of all time. This Hungarian Countess killed over 600 women and it was rumoured (but not widely believed to be true) that she bathed in the blood of the virgin women she slaughtered - and this kept her skin looking radiant and young. Ingrid Pitt plays the Countess with real style, she’s fantastically hard-hearted, and yet equally vulnerable, and it is Pitt’s portrayal of this complex character that is utterly spell-binding.

It is quite an accident when the aging Countess discovers the secret of eternal youth, she is splashed by a few drops of blood during an altercation with one of her house maids and she realises where the blood has touched her skin her wrinkles have vanished and left behind them a youthful glow.

Black Sheep (2006) - Film Review

Jonathon King’s 2006 BLACK SHEEP was one of those films that called out to me for some time. “Watch me” it’d say “I might surprise you” – For a good long while my response would be the same “no way, you’re a film about killer sheep – and a comedy at that, you’ll be stupid beyond belief and I’ll regret wasting my time”. Why didn’t I stick to my guns? Well, because I’d read some reviews that said it was funny and scary. They lied to me people – this is not funny, and certainly not scary. Allow me enlighten you.....

Black Sheep opens on a farm in New Zealand, where we meet a young boy called Henry who’s jealous older brother Angus plays a vicious prank on him by slaughtering his pet sheep and running towards him through the darkness wearing his bloody corpse as a cape.

Moving forward in time, and now grown, Henry returns to his farm on the advice of his psychiatrist to get some closure and sell his share of the farm. Because of the trauma of his early childhood experience he now has a sheer terror of sheep.

28 Weeks Later (2007) - Film Review

The 2007 sequel to 28 Days Later, 28 WEEKS LATER is far superior to its predecessor, not least because of the brilliant portrayal of Don by Robert Carlyle. The pacing is perfect, the action relentless, and the portrayal of real, raw human emotions is very believable.

28 Weeks Later starts in a farmhouse where Don and his wife are with a few other survivors of the rage virus. Their children, Andy (Mackintosh Muggleton) and Tammy (Imogen Poots) are abroad on a school trip. The farmhouse is breached by the infected and Andy is the sole survivor, ignoring his wife’s pleas for help, overcome by terror, he legs it and escapes by the skin of his teeth.

28 Days Later (2002) - Film Review

Danny Boyle falls short of stealing George A. Romero’s crown with 28 DAYS LATER, but it is a valiant effort and certainly one of the better contenders. The first half of the films shows much promise and it is a real shame that the second half doesn’t quite live up to our expectations. Even though the later half is lacking the eerie desolation presented in the first, 28 Days Later is entertaining enough to keep us watching to the end.

Everything goes badly wrong when a group of well-meaning activists break in to a lab and free the primates. Unaware that these primates have been deliberately infected by the ‘Rage’ virus

Doghouse (2009) - Film Review

Jake West’s DOGHOUSE is a film I’d been looking forward to for a while, I’d been expecting something similar to Lesbian Vampire Killers, which had made me smile and kept me entertained. Whilst the premise is similar to LVK, the end product is far superior; it was a scream from beginning to end and definitely one to recommend.

When a group of everyday, football-loving, beer-swilling, blokes decide to take their mate Vince away to a quiet village to take his mind of his impending divorce, they are expecting to find a village full of hot, single women, and spend a few days drinking and partying. When they arrive in Moodley however, the over abundance of females is not such a boon after all!

Dog Soldiers (2002) - Film Review

There have been a good many Werewolf films over the years, most of them pathetic. Not since AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF in London have we been blessed with such a good film as Neil Marshall’s feature debut DOG SOLDIERS.

The film opens with a young couple camping in woodland in Scotland who are suddenly snatched from their tent and massacred by an unseen enemy.

Then we move to Wales where Dog Soldiers quickly introduces us to our protagonist and antagonist. Private Cooper (Kevin McKidd) is on the brink of completing his special forces training when Captain Ryan (Liam Sullivan) orders him to shoot a dog, the dog hasn’t

The Sands of Time Are Running Out - Festival News

There’s certainly plenty of scary stuff for even the most discerning of U.K. horror fans to get their fangs into in the coming month. Allow me to give you a quick recap:

is up first, running from 16th to 19th October in Whitby. The spine chilling programme is firmly locked in place and details of this and the special guests and events can be found on their website at http://www.bramstokerfilmfestival.com/. They’ll be screening many U.K. and the odd world premiere here, and having a fantastic opening party. There’s no excuse for any horror fan to miss out on

Mayhem Festival - News

Nottingham's MAYHEM FESTIVAL has added LA HORDE to its already frighteningly good line-up of films. The complete line up can now be seen on their website at www.mayhemhorrorfest.co.uk

As well as their terrific programme, they also have an experiment in terror:

Across four separate screenings at the Mayhem Horror Film Festival, Thrill Laboratory will be examining and monitoring the effects of horror films on members of the audience.


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Starring Brittany Murphy (THE EXPENDABLES, SIN CITY) and Thora Birch (AMERICAN BEAUTY, THE HOLE)

DVD Release date: 5th October 2009
Running time: 82 minutes
DVD RRP: £15.99
Cert: 15

Anything For Her - Competition CLOSED - WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED

Enter our competition to win a copy of ANYTHING FOR HER on DVD. Due for release on 5th October this tense thriller promises to be real edge-of-the-seat stuff. For your chance to win send an email with your name and address to stalknslashqueen@aol.com. Deadline: 10th October. The winner will be selected at random and notified on the 11th October.
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DVD Release date: 5th October 2009
Running time: 96 minutes
DVD RRP: £19.99
Cert: 15