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The Unquiet (2008) - Film Review

With the setting of an old abandoned prison, and a story of unexplained hauntings, Bill Corcoran’s 2008 Horror THE UNQUIET has the basis for a great film. Although it is one of those films that you want to see to the end, it never quite took me away from my seat. For the entire movie, I was aware that I was simply watching a film. Never once did I find myself in that old abandoned prison or feel myself wrapped up in the emotion of its characters, and for me this is a mark of a very mediocre film.

The Unquiet tells a story of two teams of investigators sent into Blackstone Prison for different reasons; one is there to film a documentary about all the paranormal activity, and the other is there to prove that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for
everything. The two team leaders happen to be estranged husband and wife, Julie and Tom (Cara Buono & Chris William Martin) which adds a little depth to the story. Sadly none of the actors are really compelling (with the exception of the over dramatic physic (Julia Benson) - and that's only because of her huge almost comedy boobs! I couldn’t decide if it was bad acting or poor screenplay that was at fault, in the end I came to the conclusion that it was a little of both.

The setting is perfect and there are a few moments of tension, it is one of those films that you keep thinking might improve and that is what urged me to keep watching. It’s pretty obvious from the start that something really strange is at work at Blackstone Prison, but unfortunately The Unquiet always stays shy of actually being scary. I can see why it never made it to the big screen or even to DVD but even as a TV movie it’s a pretty dire offering. Everything about it is weak and watered down and although it isn’t total rubbish, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it unless you are dying of boredom, don’t own a DVD player and the only channel you can receive happens to be showing The Unquiet.

THE UNQUIET (2008). Director: Bill Corcoran. Writer: Matt Dorff. Cast: Carla Buono, Chris William Martin, Julia Benson, Michael Teigan, Don S. Davis, Zahf Paroo, Mylene Robic, Tegan Moss, Marion Eisman.

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  1. Is the movie, "The Unquiet (2008) " based on a true story?