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Demons and Other Inconveniences - Book Review

There is a fantastic array of brilliant horror novels on the shelves these days, so why did I choose to review DEMONS AND OTHER INCONVENIENCES by Dan Dillard? Well, because I had the time -- the beauty of this book is that you can pick it up and read as much or as little as you please. Be warned though, once you get started it’s hard to stop and this book will snare you in its gloriously wicked clutches and drag you kicking, screaming, and sometimes laughing from one creepy story to the next.

A collection of 18 shorts this is easy reading at it’s very finest. But when I say ‘easy’ I don’t mean it isn’t scary, because some of the stories are more than a little disturbing – but that’s what us horror
fans want isn’t it? We don’t want to sleep easy after our bedtime stories -- where’s the thrill in that!?

The opening poem ‘It is a Pleasure to Meet You’ introduces the reader to ‘Nightmare’, and if you’re easily disturbed I’m willing to bet you’ll be meeting your new friend again before you close this book for the final time. Dan Dillard doesn’t dwell on the finer detail but tells the stories in a slick, straight-to-the-point way – none of the stories overstay their welcome. This does mean that occasionally the reader is left feeling as though they have been ushered through the story too quickly, a little like meeting the love of your life at speed dating -- some of these stories are so interesting that I would have liked a little more detail. But this is a book of short stories, and gives us taste of what the author can do -- the very fact it left me wanting more can only be a good thing,

In short, Demons and Other Inconveniences is a creepy, unique, and sometimes humorous peek into the mind of Dan Dillard. Dan – may I recommend a good psychiatrist?!

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