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FAB Fest tickets on sale - Festival News

The weekend of 30th April to 2nd May inclusive promises to be spinechillingly entertaining this year, as this weekend plays host to FAB Fest, a three day horror and fantasy event which is to be held at The Filmhouse in Edinburgh.

Including lost treasures and premieres, guest appearances, give-aways and Q & As, the organisers are promising three days of movie excess.

Confirmed premieres are as follows:

Days of Darkness (2007) - Film Review

Jake Kennedy’s 2007 indie Zombie flick DAYS OF DARKNESS caught my eye as I scanned through the Sky channels last night, after lowering my standards and scrolling through a couple more times, my standards were eventually low enough for me to think ‘well, it’s a Zombie film, and I haven’t seen it, and every now and then you find a hidden gem, so I’ll give it a whirl’. What I discovered was that DAYS OF DARKNESS is not the worst zombie film ever made, but it isn’t bad enough to be hilarious [like Zombie Lake] and it isn’t good enough to be etched on my mind forever [Romero’s Dawn of The Dead]. This film is mediocrity at its very worst.

The basic premise is that a contaminated meteor crashes to Earth and transforms the majority of humankind into flesh eating Zombies

The Crazies (2010) - Competition: CLOSED, WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED

THE CRAZIES is infecting cinemas from 26th February, and I look forward to it with great anticipation, watch this space for my review, and in the meantime, why not enter our competition to win one of three sets of THE CRAZIES merchandise. 

For your chance to win send an email with the subject title ‘CRAZIES’ with your name and address to stalknslashqueen@aol.com before the 18th February. The winner will be selected at random and notified by the 25th February.

Stalk ‘n’ Slash promise not to use your details for anything else nor disclose them to any third parties.