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The Unquiet (2008) - Film Review

With the setting of an old abandoned prison, and a story of unexplained hauntings, Bill Corcoran’s 2008 Horror THE UNQUIET has the basis for a great film. Although it is one of those films that you want to see to the end, it never quite took me away from my seat. For the entire movie, I was aware that I was simply watching a film. Never once did I find myself in that old abandoned prison or feel myself wrapped up in the emotion of its characters, and for me this is a mark of a very mediocre film.

The Unquiet tells a story of two teams of investigators sent into Blackstone Prison for different reasons; one is there to film a documentary about all the paranormal activity, and the other is there to prove that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for

Ed Gein - The Butcher of Plainfield (2007) - Film Review

Notorious serial killer Ed Gein has inspired many films since his reign of terror in the 1950’s; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho being the most obvious. Ed Gein was a man who had a strange relationship with his mother (keeping and talking to her corpse as if she were still alive). He dug up decaying bodies, had sex with them and then mutilated the remains. Then moving on to fresh meat, he often made trinkets from the body parts of his victims and even wore a top made from the skin of one lady’s torso. So could Michael Feifer’s 2007 film ED GEIN THE BUTCHER OF PLAINFIELD really capture the true evil of this sadistic and sick individual? I felt not. The film was not bad as a standalone offering but I don’t believe it ever showed us the real complexities of Ed Gein‘s character.

There are many things I liked about The Butcher of Plainfield; Kane Hodder, although bearing no physical resemblance to the real Ed Gein, pulls off the role of psychopath very convincingly.

The Bram Stoker International Film Festival 2010 - News

THE BRAM STOKER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL which runs from the 14th to the 17th of October this year, is promising to bring us only the very best that horror has to offer. I attended many great festivals last year, but The Bram Stoker Festival was my favourite. Not only was there a great ass-numbing, eye-rubbing, nightmare inducing mix of films, but I also enjoyed their launch night, special guests, and all round kick-ass atmosphere. Festival Director Mike McCarthy tells me he is gearing up for an even bigger and better festival this time round, and that thought is enough to have me and any other true horror fan adding the dates to their diary, dusting off their favourite cloak and preparing themselves for four days of horror heaven.

With quite a wait ahead of us, there’s a lot still to be arranged, but for now I can tell you that the fangtastic horror Icon, Countess Dracula herself; Ingrid Pitt will be attending as their special guest. Also on their VIP list is Doghouse star Emily Booth.

Borderland (2007) - Film Review

Zer Berman’s 2007 film BORDERLAND is a dark and often brutal story, based on true events. Although comparisons have been made to SAW and HOSTEL, this film has a real gritty reality and is somewhat more believable.

Three Texas University seniors decide to take a road-trip to the borderland of Mexico before going their separate ways. Intent on a fun-filled, hedonistic time of debauchery the guys set off in high spirits. When they inadvertently attract the attention of members of an ancient blood cult looking for human sacrifice, things take a nasty turn. The three guys consist of Phil (Rider Strong), a virgin

Silent Hill (2006) - Film Review

A great hit with fans of the computer game, Christophe Gans’ 2006 film SILENT HILL seemed well worth a watch. There is no doubt that this film is technically flawless and breathtakingly beautiful. Because of this, I really wanted to enjoy it, but sadly I didn’t. What I saw was a disjointed story with silly dialogue which was hard to comprehend, but looked really good. Like getting the most beautifully wrapped gift, and opening it to find a steaming turd - it was more than a little disappointing!!

I normally try incredibly hard not to give the plot way - no worries!! Anyone who hasn’t played the computer game will be clueless as to what Silent Hill is about. Despite constantly going over the story for the benefit of such viewers, the film only succeeds in making it even more confusing.

Dead Girl (2008) - Film Review

I start my review of Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel’s DEAD GIRL with a warning. Lads, do not watch this film with your girlfriend. Don’t anybody watch it with your parents. This is sick stuff; no I mean seriously sick stuff!! The controversial storyline is about as low as a movie could stoop and at the end I was left wondering, they wouldn’t!….would they!?

I have to point out straight away that not only does Dead Girl contain some really harrowing scenes but it also examines very closely the psyche of teenage boys. It ponders the question, surely not?! It leaves the viewer sickened, not only because of the content but also because of the obvious flaws in the story.