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Scarce (2008) - Film Review

I don’t care if Jesse T Cook and John Geddes were on a low budget when they created and acted in their 2008 film SCARCE. If a film is worth making then it should be worth watching. Although the setting is perfect, the only things that are scarce in this film are good acting, a well-written script and an original story. Albeit well directed at times, SCARCE never drew me in. I have read many reviews which contain the line ‘for a low budget film’ well, I’m sorry, I paid a tenner for this rubbish, I couldn’t care less how low the budget was. I wasted my money and my time on this dross and the fact that it cost less than average to make just makes it even more unfair.

The story offers nothing original; 3 young men end up stranded, head to a log cabin for help, encounter a few unsavoury characters with a taste for human flesh, and try to escape. The snow made a refreshing change and at times I could almost feel the cold.

The Orphanage (2007) AKA El Orfanato - Film Review

Very seldom have I witness such a chilling, atmospheric ghost story, so beautifully crafted and unsettling as Juan Antonio Bayona’s 2007 horror film THE ORPHANAGE. This film truly absorbs the watcher into that creepy old orphanage with its haunting secrets and troubled past. I am left with no questions, the story is told in full and I am left truly satisfied. Not only is THE ORPHANAGE a thoroughly creepy film, but its story is interestingly different and perfectly portrayed.

The story centres around Laura (Belen Rueda) who returns with her husband Carlos (Fernando Cayo) and son Simon (Roger Princep) to the orphanage where she grew up, her intention to make the orphanage into a home for special needs children, is interrupted when Simon starts to play games with his ‘imaginary friends’.