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Yesterday Released on DVD

Some time ago I previewed Rob Grant's YESTERDAY - that preview can be read here: YESTERDAY PREVIEW

All readers who would like to purchase the DVD can now get this from True Hype Productions, HERE

Six complete strangers are forced to band together and flee the city when a zombie outbreak occurs. But after making camp in the middle of the wilderness, the group realizes it’s each other they should fear…

Armageddon of the Dead - Competition - CLOSED WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED

Armageddon of the Dead: With the flesh-hungry undead walking the Earth, the living should be running for their life. But for Sam and his wife Jenny that’s not an option – their young daughter is lost, terrified and alone in the heart of the zombie Armageddon.

Joining forces with other survivors, the young couple arm themselves for battle against the hordes of undead in preparation for a desperate rescue mission in which they’ll stop at nothing to save their missing child.

For your chance to win send an email with the subject title ‘ARMAGEDDON OF THE DEAD’ with your name and address to stalknslashqueen@aol.com before the 20th October. The winner will be selected at random and notified by the 25th October.