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Ryan Charles’ 2011 film ALL GOD’S CREATURES, is like a breath of fresh air. Many independent films offer us bungling performances, clumsy screenplays, and unaccomplished cinematography, ALL GOD’S CREATURES however brings us so much more; a gripping story, accomplished acting, talented production, and an end result that’s a far cry from the many shameful independent films I have seen of late. Definitely one to look out for, ALL GOD’S CREATURES is a thought-provoking glimpse into the dark side of human nature.

A simple but intriguing tale of how love can find a way in even the most difficult of circumstances: All God’s Creatures is the story of brutal serial killer Jon Smith (Josh Folan), and his relationship with troubled prostitute Delia (Jessica Kaye). Both unaware of the
other’s dark secret and living seemingly average lives, the two demonstrate perfectly the normal exterior shown by many notorious criminals. Neat-freak Jon has a penchant for ferociously killing ‘filthy women’ and collecting body parts as sick mementoes. Meanwhile, Runaway Delia is desperately trying to escape her abusive past and turns to sleeping with strangers for cash. As I watched their strange relationship develop, I was pulled in deeper and found myself caring about these two dysfunctional human beings more than I would care to admit.

All God’s Creatures does show its low budget occasionally, but for the best part, it maintains a high standard of production way beyond its expectations. The acting is well above par, I honestly believe that Josh Folan IS a serial killer in his spare time!! The casting is superb, even the smallest of roles, which would normal be doled out to anyone expressing an interest, were cast with thought. Actors with only fleeting moments of screen time, play their part convincingly and with way more ability than is the norm for this genre.

All God’s Creatures illustrates perfectly how, with the right talent both in front and behind the camera, a film does not have to reflect its small budget. It also proves without doubt that ‘independent’ by no means translates to ‘unprofessional’.

ALL GOD’S CREATURES (2011). Director: Ryan Charles. WRITER: Josh Folan, Billy Fox (aditional material). CAST: Jessica Kaye, Josh Falon, Adam Barnett, Tiffany Lee.

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