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Chaos (2005) - Film review

I recently stumbled across David DeFalco’s 2005 horror flick CHAOS on Sky. As I watched the scenes of kidnap, torture, and degradation, I couldn’t help thinking that I’d seen it all before. The story is oh so familiar. Anyone who has seen Wes Craven’s 70’s cult classic THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT will know the story. Anyone who has seen Dennis Iliadis’ 2009 remake will not only know the story but will have seen it done far, far better. Fans of brutality and gore will love the harrowing, almost pornographic scenes of torture. True horror fans, however, will be disappointed in this blatant, unoriginal copy, which is badly acted and has little substance to gel the afore-mentioned scenes together.

When friends Emily and Angelina (Chantal Degroat and Maya Barovich) head to a rave in a nearby wood, we are already anticipating how they will meet their grizzly end. After running

The Crazies (2010) - Film Review

I’ll answer the burning question straight off the bat: Is Breck Eisner’s remake of the George A. Romero 1973 Classic, THE CRAZIES just another pointless remake? I’m happy to say not. One of the better horror remakes of recent years, THE CRAZIES adds something to the original rather than taking away. A treat of Mystery, Horror, Tension, and violence, THE CRAZIES has all of the ingredients for a good horror flick. Add in the obligatory jump-scares and it’s enough to take you from the comfort of your sofa to the town of Ogden Marsh, to witness for yourself the horror that lies within.

When the residents of Ogden Marsh start to behave strangely it is up to Sherriff David Dutten (Timothy Olyphant) to discover the reason. In a bid to save all of his friends and neighbours from turning into psycho killers he sets off to find the truth. A contaminated water