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The Calicoon (2013) The Minds Behind The Madness - Interview

I caught up with the maniacal magic makers behind Starjack Entertainment's 2013 release, THE CALICOON. Deborah Louise Robinson and Pamela Glasner are taking the film industry by storm. I asked these two remarkable ladies about their inspirations and aspirations for the film. Here’s what they had to say....

I Spit on Your Grave (2010) - Film Review

A remake of the 1978 original, Steven R. Monroe’s 2010 film I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE is a feast of brutality, humiliation, degradation, and torture. Not one for the faint-hearted, this tale of cold and merciless revenge will make you squirm, shudder, and cringe. A real nasty slice of cinematography, guaranteed to satisfy even the sickest of minds, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE is a twisted and perverse look at a normal woman, pushed beyond the edge of reason by a group of morally deprived hillbillies.

In order to write her new novel in peace and tranquillity, city girl Jennifer (Sarah Butler) heads off to a secluded cabin in the woods. After attracting the attention of a group of local men at the gas station, Jennifer’s isolation makes her an easy target. Raped, humiliated, and brutalized by this group of sick individuals,

Slugs (1988) - Film Review

About as entertaining as a fart in a spacesuit, and no-where near as scary, Juan Piquer Simón’s 1988 horror SLUGS is about as terrifying as finding a fly in your soup!! So many reviews use the phrase ‘so bad it’s good’ let’s get his straight, SLUGS is not in any way good. There is little or no humour to be had and come on!! How scary can a very slow moving insect actually be?! Unless you are prepared to lie down in a pit and wait for a fortnight, I’d wager there is nothing to fear here!! One guy gets bitten by a slug in his glove and proceeds to throw himself around in such an outrageous manner that the end result is the destruction of his house, I’m serious, his whole house is gone!!! Why did he not simply remove his glove, along with the offending slug and get a plaster from the first aid cabinet?

The acting is way beyond poor, the screenplay diabolical and the cinematography a joke. There is some gore and a few grisly, if a tad ridiculous deaths, but not enough to redeem the ludicrous idea

Disturbia (2007) - Film Review

Imagine being under house arrest, bored out of your mind and with nothing to do but spy on the other residents in the quiet suburban street on which you reside. Now imagine having an over-active imagination, seeing one of your neighbours acting strangely, and all the while hearing on the news about a missing woman. Of course!! He did it; he’s a mass murderer stacking up bodies in his basement!! This is the conclusion jumped to by stir-crazy Kale Brecht (Shia LaBeouf) in D.J Caruso’s 2007 thriller DISTURBIA. Only ever being shown enough to keep us guessing; we are right with him in his quest for the truth. Question is, is he simply a bored teenager with cabin-fever and a hyper-active imagination. Or is there something sinister afoot in suburbia?

After his father is killed in a car accident, likable Kale is finding life tough; he assaults his Spanish teacher and ends up under house arrest, lonely, bored and frustrated. Spending his days building his ‘Twinkie tower’ and peeping in on his neighbours lives, he soon

Big Bad Wolf (2006) – Film Review

Lance W. Dreeson’s 2006 horror flick BIG BAD WOLF has a real 80’s feel. It’s predictable, funny, and cheesy. It has enough tits ‘n’ ass to keep most hot blooded males from pressing the eject button, and there’s ample blood and entrails to feed the blood-thirstiest of viewer. There is one thing, I won’t tell you what it is, but there is one thing about the werewolf that took me by surprise. The first time it happened it was a real ‘you’ve gotta be kidding’ moment. Then came the laughter, this can’t be serious, right? But it was! It didn’t make me turn off though, this was a compelling watch. But my initial reaction? Well, it wasn’t only the wolf that was howling!

Group of kids head out to a cabin in the woods, group of kids gets smaller very quickly. Yeah, we’ve seen it all before, but there are a few new touches in Big Bad Wolf and the odd twist on the

Resident Evil Afterlife (2010) - Film Review

‘I might as well have sat on the end of my 15 year old son’s bed and watched him play the game’ - this was my immediate thought after watching Paul W. S. Anderson’s 2010 film RESIDENT EVIL AFTERLIFE. Action sequence, followed action sequence, followed action sequence. With no character building and a feeble plot, it was like watching my son battling through the levels of a very intense and beautifully crafted shoot-em-up.

Alice (Milla Jovovich) is back, the zombies are back, the umbrella corp. is back. Sadly the plot, the point, and my marbles were all lost at some point during this weak, mediocre offering. There is no doubt

Armageddon of the Dead (2007) (U.S.A. Risen) - Film Review

I am almost at a loss to review Damon Crump’s 2010 Zombie film ARMAGEDDON OF THE DEAD. So bad was this film that actually seeing it through to the end credits seemed somewhat of an achievement! I knew the second the title credits started that this was going to be a poor excuse for a film and I was right. Ignore completely the DVD case, it relates in no way to the enclosed disc. The image on the front bares no resemblance to any scene of the film and the synopsis on the back: well, it’s a joke. Since when has ‘the young couple arm themselves for battle against the hordes of undead’ translated to: the couple grab a baseball bat and run for the car? There is no epic battle, no Armageddon of the dead, little action, even less acting, and indeed only a miniscule amount of entertainment value.

The story is simple: A train filled with noxious gasses crashes and the dead won’t stay dead. A couple along with their brother/brother-in-law escape their home to look for their daughter. That’s it...no really, that’s it!! The special effects are laughable; imagine a group

Worm (2010) - Short Film Review

The talent of writer/director, Richard Powell cannot be denied. Superb cinematography and wonderful screenwriting ensure that his 2010 Short film, WORM is one to look out for. With a staggering performance by Robert Nolan as the misanthropic high school teacher, Geoffrey Oswald Dodd, WORM is worth 20 minutes of anyone’s time. Showing the unspoken, hidden evil which lies beneath the veneer of normalcy. Frighteningly real and with a huge sense of impending doom, WORM will keep you guessing until the very end.

It’s a normal day at school for teacher Geoffrey Dodd and his students. To the outside world Mr Dodd is an unassuming guy, boring even, pleasant to be around and a calm mentor to his students. With the help of an inner monologue however, we can hear the inner voice of Mr Dodd and peel back the facade to reveal a dark and sordid interior. Suddenly Mr Average isn’t so average!!