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Copycat (1995) - Film Review

Jon Amiel’s 1995 psychological horror flick COPYCAT is both gripping and intelligent. With a dark sense of foreboding throughout, COPYCAT never allows us to be one step ahead. Refreshingly we are in-step with the characters as they try to outwit the killer in this stylish and tense film, which never quite lets us draw breath.

Criminal psychologist Dr. Helen Hudson (Sigourney Weaver) has a narrow escape from a serial killer, and as a result becomes a paranoid recluse who suffers from agoraphobia. With only the internet, newspaper, and police scanners to keep her abreast of the outside world, Helen is strangely content in the apartment she shares with her gay house-mate. The sanctuary that

Arixona Premiere of Psychological Horror Feature "Skew" set for Phoenix Fear Film Festival - News

This news just in from SKEW writer/director Sevé Schelenz:

"Winner of the Independent Spirit Award during its World Premiere at Sydney, Australia’s A Night of Horror Film Festival, SKEW is coming straight to the Phoenix Fear Film Festival for it’s Arizona Premiere. 

The psychological horror feature SKEW has been described by the Sydney festival as “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY on steroids. Genuinely terrifying.”