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The Calicoon director, Deborah Louise Robinson in fear experiment

In 2009 Deborah Louise Robinson, the director of Starjack Entertainment’s upcoming horror film THE CALICOON was one of the first five people in the county to undergo an experiment to measure the effects of fear. Under close medical supervision by Dr Dare and the Thrill Laboratory team, Deborah was strapped to a specially designed
chair at the Mayhem Horror Festival. She was subjected to the most frightening horror films Mayhem had to offer. Her sweat response, heart rate, and facial expressions were closely monitored.

Her reaction was broadcast on a big screen for all to see – she turned out to be a very dissatisfying subject; in contrast to the other four ‘victims’, even when pushed to the limits of horror endurance, the evident flat line was proof indeed that for this lady, ‘fear is not an option’.

This can only enhance the excitement surrounding The Calicoon – after all, if Deborah, with her inhuman tolerance for fear, says it’s gonna be scary; we’d better prepare ourselves for extreme terror.

The Calicoon; not one for the fainthearted!!

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